Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back after a 4 year hiatus...

I've imported a number of short posts I made on a previous personal blog from 2004-2005 and relaunched this as blog.stokely.org. My posts in the past tended to be short updates about travel plans or links to pictures. Those type of updates now go to something like Flickr, Facebook, or Twitter, so I'll be using this blog to post less frequent but longer musings about technology, math, computer science, travel, and life in the bay area. I try to keep things partitioned across three separate blogs so that friends and family are not inundanted with posts about which they are uninterested:

  • blog.stokely.org - This blog: general posts about my life, math, technology, and more.

  • freebsd.stokely.org - Posts about my involvement with the open-source FreeBSD Operating System.

  • ava.stokely.org - Posts about Ava and our life with a new baby girl.